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lunar phases


The Night Sky from Whitefield, Manchester, UK



The moon taken with LPI camera attached to ETX-105 Meade telescope


You can just make out two of the moons and you can see the distinctive stripes of the planet. Taken with ETX 105, LPI and registax of 23 images. One of my first attempts 28th March 2005 midnight.



Just one shot. Taken with a 2x Barlow and with LPI on an LX90. Taken April 10th 2005 around 11pm



1 of 60 shots. Very cloudy sky. No Barlow used, just LPI and LX90. Actually when I compare it against the first two efforts, I think it is better than I originally thought. Taken Midnight Thursday 12th May 2005.


Taken quite early on the 17th May 2005 about 10pm clear night. LPI and LX90 84 images stacked

I like this shot of 23 images stacked. You can just see one of the moons appearing bottom right of Jupiter. Taken around 11-30pm.

2 shots of the the Moon taken about 11pm 17th May. Barlow x2 used and LPI with LX90

Excellent viewing tonight and a chance to try out the toucam pro wth the LX90 and Qfocus. 29th May 2005 midnight

Read about my experiences with the ETX 105 and LX90 here.